Welcome to the online EEP quiz!

Here's how the quiz works:

  1. First, the training which is in two steps:
    1. You will hear 10 EEPs, each one being 5 seconds long, awake and anaesthetised alternating.
    2. Then you will hear another 10 EEPs, but this time you have to guess in advance whether you think the patient is awake or anaesthetised. You will be told after each one if you were correct or not (if you were incorrect please listen again!).
  2. Then, the quiz proper. You will now hear 10 EEPs, and you will be asked to say whether each one is awake or asleep. The samples you hear are chosen by the computer at random, and will be different for each person who takes the quiz. You will be given your score at the end.

Click here for the training

The study has been through ethics, all the samples are anonymised, and all patients gave consent for their electroencephalographic data to be used in this way. Your answers won't be stored anywhere but we will tell you how successful you've been at the end of this quiz.

If you have any questions please send us an e-mail: