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This page is a hybrid of an open ended circuit diagram with hyperlinks which point to the wiki underneath which in turn points to references which back up the connections. Think of google maps meets wikipedia.

The main aim is to have a circuit diagram which is supported by references which then informs computer models which simulate behavioural experiments.


Review articles

  1. This article by Castro and Berridge promotes their long standing differentiation between 'wanting' and 'liking' (Kent C. Berridge, 2009) now updated by 'hedonic hot spots' (Daniel C. Castro, Shannon L. Cole, Kent C. Berridge, 2015).
  2. Berthoud's article features fantastic connection diagrams between the different nuclei of the limbic system (HR. Berthoud, 2004).
  3. Zahm again provides very detailed anatomical connection diagrams and is a must read (DS. Zahm, 2000).
  4. The review by Abbas Khani and Gregor Rainer focusses on the roles of the different nuclei, how they interact, how they implement reinforcement guided decision making and which forms are out there (reversal, go no go etc). A very balanced article which, for example, not just cites the prediction error paradigm of DA but reports also the other roles DA (Abbas Khani, Gregor Rainer, 2016).

Based on research conducted by

  • Bernd Porr
  • Ailsa Millen
  • Graeme Hattan
  • Maria Thomson
  • Marc Sutherland.


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